Our Supreme pillowcase and sheet combines “best night’s sleep” comfort and quality with budget-friendly affordability.

Breathable and soft, this highly durable 100% cotton range will help keep skin cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Supreme range:

  • Robust – suitable for everyday use
  • Easy care – retains looks and shape after hot washing and ironing
  • Absorbent – soaks up moisture*
  • 100% high quality cotton – dependable value
  • Perfect for single or twin rooms

Plain Sheet & Pillowcases
100% Cotton, Thread Count 120, Weight 140gsm

Description Size (inches) Size (cm)
Single Sheet 70 x 108 178 x 274
Bag Style Pillowcase 20 x 34 51 x 86

*able to absorb 27% of water without getting damp in humid atmosphere

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