Debate: Hospitality linen life and sustainability

LCN Live Debate: Hospitality linen life and sustainabilityTonrose has partnered with Laundry Cleaning News to co-host a round table discussion this June to discuss sustainability and how to prolong hospitality linen life.

“Following the success of our previous event with the LCN, we are delighted to once again be partnering with the LCN ” said Marketing Co-Ordinator Natalie Lamb.

“The first of its kind in the industry, the round table event last summer opened up a collaborative discussion from all areas of the supply chain.

“Together, we challenged how suppliers, hospitality and textile care businesses can work together to achieve an ethical linen life-cycle, to help bring about real change in our industry.”

The LCN Live event will co-ordinate a selection of laundry operators, hoteliers and machinery manufacturers and ourselves to debate the subject.

Topics to be discussed include:

Laundry operators

• How big a part do linen suppliers play in advising the best washing process of their products?

• What products/procedures can be used to reduce water consumption and improve efficiency?

• Discuss how eco-friendly businesses can run efficiently.

• How linen products are chosen and sourced?



• How can hotels both maximise the life of linens and use this information to protect the environment and boost efficiency?

• How to determine the processes necessary to minimise water consumption and maximise efficiencies.

• Is enough support offered by linen suppliers how to select ethically sourced product?

• How important are ethically sourced linen products to the hotel and guests?


Highlights from the event will be published in the October edition of LCN.


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