Christmas Trends: Ready for rainbow?

Trend report: Ready for rainbow?

The biggest decorating trend this year will be ‘The Rainbow Tree’ according to retail giant John Lewis. Yes,that’s right. Every colour of the spectrum in vibrant glory!

“It’s a sure-fire way to create a showstopping centrepiece,” said Dan Cooper, Christmas Buyer at the large retailer.

Kudos light grey table cloths and napkins

Should businesses be looking to keep up with this kaleidoscope trend for their Christmas table linen, we have a choice of colours and fabrics to work perfectly.

From a pure white 100% cotton backdrop, to complementary toned linen with a cotton-like feel, we have the ideal match.

Or for those looking for a more traditional palette of red, green and white, take a look at our Kudos collection. Our new light grey cloths and napkins are also proving popular. Of course, they launder beautifully and are fade resistant too!

Tip: Why not suggest mixing and matching top and
bottom cloths to make a bold statement? 

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