3 ways we keep business rosy

You’re judged on the cost and quality of your linen. Your clients need crisp sheets, fluffy towels and other linen at a time and price that’s right. Anything less won’t do. Well, the good news is that we’re here to deliver the service you depend on and to help keep things rosy, whatever changes lie ahead.



We’re your business partner, supplier, technical advisor… You name it, we’re it, thanks to our team of industry experts. From technical guidance to cost-cutting advice, our go-to team always go the extra ‘yarn’ to help customers work more efficiently while delivering the quality pool and branded linen clients love.

We hold 2.5 million linen products in our warehouses (we’re never short of a pillowcase or two thousand), and reliably deliver 98% of orders next-day. But if you want something bespoke, our consultants will manage the entire process, ensuring it meets or exceeds expectations on durability, quality and price.


Social responsibility
Environment practices

Sustainability is a hot topic in the linen industry, given the significant water consumption, dyes and energy involved in creating natural products. We currently work with a number of nature-friendly suppliers, one of which recycles water using an effluent treatment plant that purifies wastewater for its reuse. Another is trialing sun drying textiles to avoid energy use. On a New Product Development front, our One washTM innovation is helping to reduce energy consumption as well as costs by removing the need for multi-wash cycles by up to 5x. Find out more.

Ethical practices

The rise of the conscious consumer is changing the way business is done. Many consumers want to know the eco and ethical credentials of their linen, and laundries will increasingly need to adhere to ethical sourcing guides. As a company with long-standing relationships with the very best and most ethical suppliers, transparency and integrity are core to our CSR. We were the first UK trade linen company to sign up to the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), and we also sponsor education and training programmes in Pakistan.  Find out more.



With 120 years in the trade we’ve seen a fair bit of change. The Tonrose Lab helps customers stay ahead and in control by developing solutions that boost performance and reduce costs. We recently launched One washTM sheets that put an end to cracked ice creasing – a problem that’s plagued the commercial laundry industry for over a decade. Removing the need for multi-wash cycles for new linen to remove stubborn sizing, One washTM sheets can go into circulation after only a single wash, enabling laundries to earn rental revenue immediately and reduce energy use and costs.

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